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Discover smokey Mezcals, Extra Añejo Tequilas and everything in between with this exploration into agave spirits. From light and fruity to deep and smokey, the flavor profiles you’ll experience on a monthly basis will deepen your appreciation and delight your palate in new and exciting ways. Just let us know if you just love Tequila, or also appreciate Mezcal, and our team of spirits experts led by Flavien Desoblin will get to work selecting exceptional bottles that will truly elevate your home bar. If yu’re ready to savor some of the finest agave spirits ever bottled, then join this one-of-a-kind spirits experience today. Agave Bottle Of The Month Club. Due to state regulations, Bottle Of The Month Club subscriptions are not available to recipients in the following states. HI, SD, UT, OK, MI, PA, WV, DE, VT, AL, MS, IA, TN. *available in select markets only

True Gems
These are not your average bottles. These are full size premium expressions that we've tracked down to make sure you fill your glass with only the best.
Exceptional Value
With an average bottle value of $185, our subscription helps you save as you savor.
Expert Picks
Each bottle is meticulously hand picked by the renowned Flavien Desoblin and our team of experts to ensure you're getting something truly exceptional.
Watch & Buy
Enjoy hours of spirits entertainment on any device and order bottles directly from your screen to your door in hours*.
Early Access
Receive exclusive access to our events and be first in line to purchase some super exclusive bottles.
Bonus Gifts
From flasks to glassware to coasters, we've got a host of surprise gifts we're going to send your way to help you drink better.
Here's How It Works
This is not your ordinary bottle of the month club.
Past Bottles Recieved
Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo
Partida Roble Fino Reposado
Arette Gran Clase Extra Anejo
Santanera Abolengo Organic Blanco
Del Maguey The Wild Mountain
El Tesoro Paradiso
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