Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access content?

Our content is available to all members and you can join for free. From there, to start watching, all you'll need is a supported device, and a high-speed internet connection.

I created an account but am unable to log in. What do I do?

After creating your account, you'll receive an automated email containing an activation link. Once you've clicked, you will be automatically prompted to log in.

I am able to log in but unable to view content. Why?

Have you selected your plan yet? If not, the next time you log in, you should be directed to the memberships page, where you'll be able to explore and choose the plan that's best for you. From there, you'll be able to enjoy full access to our content.

How do I choose the plan that's best for me?

Spirits deliveries differ based on state laws. Our plans are available based on these parameters; if your location is not within our footprint, keep checking back as we grow and expand our reach.

Am I eligible for on-demand or store deliveries?

Delivery availability is also based upon state laws and restrictions, which determine whether or not you'll have access to on-demand deliveries in your location. (If you 're not sure whether or not your location is eligible, try putting something in your cart, the system will automatically let you know if delivery is unavailable).

What devices does the Spirits Network platform work on?

Our current versions are built for IOS, Apple TV, standard desktops, android browsers. We plan to launch additional devices soon, be sure to check back on the Our Apps page.

How do I use a QR code?

iPhone: Simply open up your camera; this will automatically detect the QR and drive to the corresponding link.

Android: Download a QR code reader.

I see loyalty points in my account, but not sure why it's there or how I got them. What are they and how can I use them?

Right now, we 're rewarding early members with points. In the coming months, we'll be releasing a loyalty option that allows you to redeem them for products, gifting and more; for now, just sit back, relax and watch your points grow.

How do I update my profile?

To customize your profile, click on the Edit Profile link below your profile image. Once you click the Edit link, you will be able to modify your personal information; once this is completed, be sure to hit Save and Exit at the bottom of the page. To update your photo, once you've edited your profile, the link will change to update your profile picture.

I see that the entry plan is month to month; why was I charged for three months at sign-up?

We have created a cycle of curated products, and each cycle is three months. We charge for this upfront including shipping along with the flat membership fee. This will automatically renew; if you wish to delay a membership month; or if you do not wish to continue your membership, simply go to your account settings in the app and change your settings or contact our customer service team

Why am I unable to cancel or change my plan within the 3-month cycle?

Enthusiast and Connoisseur plans require time for our team to curate and hand-pick the best products based on your profile and preferences. Because we are in the midst of launching, we want to ensure that we deliver on the timing and quality of each bottle we ship and each box you receive, so we do not provide a cancellation option on our site at this time within the initial cycle.

However, we know that life is not always predictable, and sometimes things come up. If you 're hoping to cancel before your cycle ends, just give us a call and we'll always be willing to listen and work with you.

Having issues with deliveries or returns. What do I do? 

Contact us information for delivery issues, returns, accounts or shipping related items at: Member Services: (646) 277-4919 or email:

Other related contact info:   Data Privacy:

General Inquires: (646) 277-4918 or

Customer Service:

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