4th of July

Posted by Ethan Kelly on Jul 4th 2020

I was asked to write up a uniquely American spirit to focus on over this holiday weekend. Well folks, if you're at all like me and spend way too much time over thinking everything you too would come to the conclusion that there just is no such thing as uniquely American. Our drinking scene is a hodgepodge of other cultures, techniques, mistakes, and efforts. So what do I say about a proper drink to celebrate a holiday that honors the good ole US of A?

I don’t. There is not one beverage that encompasses all of our diversity and individual accomplishments, so what I would like to do is raise a glass to all of the following that have enhanced our drinking lives and made us better for it.

To the French for the brandies, Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados, thank you for the splash of cassis and pastis.

To Italy, we love the Negroni and the Amari, we would be lost without Sweet Vermouth, and the Grappa after dinner.

To Greece, the memories of Ouzo and the healing properties of Mastiha always make us smile.

Spain has brought us rich brandies and of course all the Sherry to help us mature our whiskies. To Mexico who gave the gift of Tequila, but also brought us Mezcal. The Scotts who gave us the malts, the Irish for the stouts and the blends.

Cheers to the Peruvians for the Pisco, cheers to those Carribean and Latin nations who have looked over those sweet rums for centuries.

Let’s raise a glass to China for the Baiju. A rowdy toast to Japan for Sake, Sochu, and a new style of whisky.

To Canada who helped us through Prohibition, to those Baltic nations that delivered the ever popular vodka.

Cheers to Amarula and Africa. A toast to Holland and Scandinavia for the gins, genevers, and aquavits. To the American immigrants that birthed Rye and Bourbon. To the nations and the people who give us all the beers and the wines, the ciders and the meads and every drink and every culture in between.

Thank you for your contributions, your support, and the great time we have with each sip.