​Books & Bottles

Posted by Ethan Kelley on Mar 31st 2020

It is time to take a moment a long quiet, personal, and beautiful moment in this chaos. The whole family is stuffed into one house all day, everyday. The not so subtle sounds of children’s programming screeching from the TV is only punctuated by media alerts. Even amidst all of this, we do have time, after the kiddos have tucked in, the spouses have fallen into the latest binge worthy program, there is something within reach that can take you away from all of this. Books! Even if you don’t have those old paper things laying around I am certain there is a tablet somewhere with a full inventory of unconsumed literary treasures.

Words are the best in escapism and can take you to far away places and even brighter times. Words can invigorate, entice, and assure, and I think we could all use a bit of each. It is no secret that books and bottles have gone together for a milenia and for good reason. Whether they acted as creative fuel for the world’s greatest authors or simply accompanied a story well told.

When I read I like to take my time, I also am partial to a little whiskey on the rocks at these times. Cold drink, warm hearth, and comforting tales; it all just seems to make sense these days.

I think blended whiskies are the ideal pairing for a great book, because just as a story is pieced together from a lifetime’s worth of words and experiences so is a high quality blend pieced together form a multitude of casks that each have something important to say.

Please, turn a page with me and see where a great dram and a little imagination can take us.

Buchanan’s 18 years old

Inviting hot apple pie invites on first pass while substantial pear and honey resound and sets the stage of a bake shop. At entry the orchard fruits erupt with vanilla creams, more baker’s spice with just a whisper of sweet BBQ smoke. This finishes with rich oak and a more subtle vanilla, maple and slight smoke.

Chivas Regal 18 years old

Hot maple oatmeal strikes immediately with zesty orange and peaches in fresh cream. This breakfast plate teases at entry a rounded body showcases orange preserves, pain au chocolate and easy going chicory coffee. The finish goes on forever and is delicate with more peach, citrus and clove spice and toasted oak.

Dewars 18 years old

Bright floral notes exude and are supported by loads of pasture aromas including alfalfa and yard clippings. The entry is oak forward as it races leanly forward with a modest body exposing fresh sugar cookies and more pasture flavors topped by restrained peat smoke and honey. The finish is clean and moderate bringing more cookie dough and oak while gentle smoke allows the finish to last longer than expected.