Happy Halloween!

Posted by Ethan Kelley on Oct 27th 2020

The cool temperatures, the eerie howl of an autumn wind, and the never ending begging for the latest costume coming for your child’s room are all of the telltale signs that the greatest of all culinary nights is upon us.

There are benefits to having kids, that’s a given. Usually those benefits come with a tremendous amount of effort on behalf of the parents, but there is one benefit that comes with nominal effort and huge reward. Frankly I look forward to it every year. It is my ability, neigh my right as the grown up to raid and ration the Halloween candy haul every year. We can’t have the little ones gorging on 3 Musketeers bars for weeks on end.

You have listened to us preach the joys found in the elegance and exploratory benefits of pairing foods and fine spirits, perfectly aged Goudas and 30 year Sherry Malts or slow roasted Brazil Nuts and High Rye Bourbons. Rarely do we speak of the magic that can only be found this time of year, the corn starch laden delicacies that will be lugged through the streets by Marvel masked children, who collect their confectionary harvest in a pillow case, and present it to the parents on the kitchen table like some sort of cocoa covered tithe.

It is our time.

With that being said, I am at the age where I do not need to simply settle for the culinary excellence of a Twix bar, rather I can pair that with a great drink and enjoy a spooktacular night. Please, raise a glass with me as I try to put the “Boo” back into Booze!

Snickers + Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch Straight Bourbon

Chewy and big, the peanuts bring the sweetness in check as the caramel brings the experience closer to an indulgent pecan pie without all the pesky baking.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup + Glenrothes 18 Year Single Malt Scotch 

The peanut butter helps to lengthen the finish as the chocolate dances with the malt like Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.

Twizzlers + Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila

Bright, sweet and the candy highlights some of the subtle sweet Agave notes as soft fruit lingers.

Twix + Glenfiddich 15 Year Single Malt Scotch

The caramel partners with the subtle sweetness of the spirit, the cookie center is a perfect compliment to the malty character, and the chocolate balances all the nutty flavors perfectly.