Routine Will Set You Free!

Posted by Ethan Kelley on Apr 8th 2020

It feels like a lifetime ago before our daily lives were flipped upside down, and we all tumbled into a new reality nobody can quite explain yet. With the constant anxiety staring us down, the little stresses seem to be monumental. Our routines have become disrupted, hell they have been all but destroyed. No more pre-dawn commuting zombies, no more recognizable faces at the coffee shop, and no Taylor ham and egg from Duke’s Deli.

We are learning how to homeschool, meeting each other's pets and families over Zoom during daily catch up calls. Our diets have taken a backseat to Little Debby and comfort foods. Sleep schedules are shot, and well, between us, daily hygiene might be a little lacking.

This looks a lot like chaos, but it is far too tidy to be that. It is plain and simply not normal, not one damn thing is normal about it. Which is why adding just a little routine to the mix might make days a touch more stable. Or maybe it might just give the opportunity to forgive yourself for not changing your jammies for a few days. Here is my new daily routine plan, I hope you all enjoy:

Rise, between 6am and Noon

1oz Shot of El Buho Mezcal, just as a primer, today is going to be nuts, better do well to brace for it.

Breakfast, Served between 7am and nightfall.

2 of my kid’s frozen waffles and 3 strips of turkey bacon (for the dog) and a splash of Cardinal Mendoza Spanish Brandy in my coffee

Lunch (2 Options)

Option #1 Lunch after team conference call, large glass of Michter’s Straight Bourbon on the rocks with half a box of Pizza Rolls, pepperoni.

Option #2 Lunch before team conference call, PB&J and large glass of Michter’s Straight Bourbon, neat.

Afternoon Snack - Pick me up

2 mile jog, one modest pour of Gran Centenario Reposado Tequila, and an orange; vitamin C etc.


2 polite glasses of Talisker Storm Single Malt Scotch, meatloaf and potatoes, top it off with a long talk with the dog, who is more need of drink than you can understand.

Wash your hands and keep up the great work!